DigestZen TerraZyme® : Digestive Enzyme Complex

Enzymes are special proteins that act as catalysts in almost all cellular functions and chemical reactions in the body. Enzymes play a key role:

  • in growth, self-healing and reproduction
  • breathing, thinking, immune system, hormone regulation, detoxification
  • in the digestion of nutrients and the conversion of nutrients into energy in cells
  • in thousands of other biochemical functions.
Enzymes are the rulers of life and death.

There are countless types of enzymes that give our metabolism the pace of life, they are the first line of defense against viruses, bacteria and cancer cells. Especially digestive enzymes play an important role in all of these, so it is not surprising that many people understand how important our digestion is. Simply put, almost all reactions in the body take place under the influence of enzymes. (source: article ENCIMI SO SIMBOL LIFE, Health magazine, 5 Sep 2018)

What are the enzymes and why does their body need them?

We know two basic types of enzymes

  • Endogenous enzymes produced by the body only
  • Exogenous enzymes are introduced into the body with food.

Endogenous enzymes are produced in the body and can be classified into:

  • metabolic enzymes that are active in the blood, tissues and organs
  • digestive enzymes that are secreted in the liver and pancreas and help the body convert food into useful nutrients.

Exogenous enzymes are enzymes that are introduced into the body with food.
They are located in raw, unprocessed foods and help break down nutrients during digestion.
The constant need for a digestive enzyme-producing body can lead to a reduction in the level of the metabolic enzymes that are crucial for optimal health and cell functioning. An example of an important metabolic enzyme is superoxide dismutase (SOD), which protects cells against free radical molecules. Metabolic enzymes are also needed for energy production, growth and regeneration of tissues, and for the management of toxic waste. When eating foods rich in food enzymes, our bodies can use fewer resources to produce digestive enzymes and have greater capacity to create optimal levels of metabolic enzymes.

Deficiencies of food enzymes.

Fresh, raw food naturally contains enough enzymes for proper digestion in the body.
But when food is cooked and processed, these naturally occurring food enzymes can be destroyed. Pasteurization, sterilization, radiation, preservation, freezing and microwave ovens …… and other modern methods of feeding food can cause food enzymes to become inactive or change their structure so that they become useless to the body. Processed foods can also remove important vitamin and mineral cofactors, which are crucial for the enzymatic processes in the body. The goal of a healthy diet is to reduce the internal demand for the production of digestive enzymes in our body, which is achieved by increasing the amount of fresh, raw foods in our diet. Some experts believe that a healthy diet would include at least 60 percent of nutrients coming from fresh, raw foods – a good goal, but not always practical in our modern lifestyle.
The use of an integral nutritional supplement of food enzymes is a more convenient way to provide sufficient enzymes.

DigestZen TerraZyme digestive enzyme complex
  • It contains 10 active enzymes, which are often lacking in cooked, processed and conservative foods.
  • It includes a series of enzymes that help digesting proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, sugars, fiber and other nutrients.

TerraZyme is a top-end combination of whole food enzymes:

  • It supports optimal health by promoting more efficient digestion of dietary nutrients
  • reduces the demand for indigenous production of digestive nutrients
  • ensures optimum production and activity of metabolic enzymes
  • it can also help with specific dietary intolerance, especially for those who do not tolerate fat, protein or carbohydrates.

Why Terrazyme is so effective:

  • is a combination of ten full-blooded food enzymes, which are often lacking in modern diets
  • for better digestion, increased cell energy for lifelong health and vitality
  • is free of gluten and GMOs and does not contain animal components

DigestZen TerraZyme is:

  • safe and effective
  • it can be used in every meal, every day, every day of the year

DigestZen TerraZyme is also used with other additives, which make it possible to increase its benefits. It is effective in combination with a mixture of essential oils DigestZen®, DigestZen® Softgels or DigestTab® to relieve stomach problems and to support natural digestive processes.

How to take DigestZen TerraZyme
  • Take one to three capsules with meals throughout the day.
  • If your meal contains many fresh, raw foods, take one capsule.
  • If your meal includes highly processed, cooked foods or foods that are known to cause particular discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract, take two to three capsules with a meal.


Summer? Hot sunny days?…but low, low ,low pressure! Arghhhh….again….feel so bad! So weak! So unsafe!
So low pressure that sometimes is difficult wake up, be active during the day and feel safe during common activities.
I know how you feel!..It is no simple and low pressure is a so annoying disease.


But , again, nature gives us a solution! Nature teach us how take care of ourself by using its gift!
And precious natural gift again Low Blood Pressure is Rosemary! Yes, you have read right, common rosemary!
While it is frequently used for cooking, Rosemary has long been revered by many cultures for its internal benefits and energizing scent. Rosemary is an aromatic, evergreen shrub whose leaves are frequently used to flavor foods such as stuffings, pork, roast lamb, chicken, and turkey. Along with its culinary applications, Rosemary has many benefits. Rosemary supports healthy digestion* and internal organ function.* Long revered by healers, Rosemary was considered sacred by the ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Hebrew cultures. Rosemary’s herbaceous and energizing scent is frequently used in aromatherapy.
Taken internally, it helps to reduce nervous tension and occasional fatigue.*


How to use rosemary against low blood pressure:
Diffuse. Dilute 3 drops in a teaspoon of carrier oil and apply to reflex points on feet and hands.
It is simple and effective! And your blood pressure will be helped to normalize!


CAUTION: Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Read our Disclaimer.


arthritisArthritis is the painfull infiammation, swelling and stiffness of the joints.

Easy & Fast Solution: Blend 3 drops peppermint + 2 drops marjoran + 15ml vegetable oil or 10 drops Soothing Blend, massage on joint each day.

Best essential Oils: frankincense, rosemary, majoram, Soothing Blend
Other essential oils may help: eucalyptus, white fir, pepprmint, lavander, cypress, juniper berry and also: ginger, roman chamomille, helichrysum, cedarwood, wintergreen, basil and clove.
Other products: Cellular Vitality Complex

There are different type of arthritis and way to help with essential oils:

Arthritis  pain: use Soothing Blend, wintergreen
Osteoarthritis: use rosemary, marjoran, Soothing Blend, geranium and Cellular Vitality Complex
Rheumatoid arthritis: use marjoram, lavander, cypress, Soothing Blend, geranium, bergamot, clove, ginger and Cellular Vitality Complex

How use eo: diffuse into the air, after diluite as raccomended apply localy, apply a warm compress over affected area,  add 1-2 drops in bath salt.



allergyWhen we talk about an allergy, we have to talk about out immune system , who, if it is present an allegy, is for sure damaged!
The damaged immune system doesn’t more respond to a particular substance like a health immune system do. Allergie substances come in contact with our immune system trhought food, insect bites, dust, pollen, medicines, mold and pets.
Symptoms we can have in this case are itching, runny nose, swelling, asthma and sneezing.

Best essential oils: malaleuca, lavander, lemon, peppermint
Other essential oils may help: roman chamomille, melissa, patchouli, eucalyptus, spikenard (on skin)
Other products: seasonal blend softgels, respiratory lozenge drop, respiratory vapor stick, food nutrient complex, cellular vitality complex, chewable multivitamin

Easy & Fast Solution: 2 drops lavender + 2 drops lemon + 2 drops peppermint + 5ml fractionated vegetal oil. Apply on temples, under nose, on the bottom of feet morning and evening.

Other recipes:
1 drop peppermint on the base of neck and thymus  2 time/day. Peppermint on diffusor.
for skin allergie/rashes: 3 drps lavender + 6 drops roman chamomile + 2 drps myrrh + 1 drop peppermint on interested point.

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