Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens)

Greenland or evergreen is a low-flowing plant found in China, also in the north-east of North America in Newfoundland, Manitoba and Alabama. It only grows up to 6 cm high, its white bell-shaped, and its fruit is bright red. Eo is obtained by steam distillation from evergreen leaves, which are far from giving out sweet, menthol and refreshing aroma. In addition to the birch, the only plant containing the natural form of methyl salicylate, which at the same time is the main compound of its eo and works similarly to cortisone. It is often added to the painful muscles and joints. Eo has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract, and is often added to the chewing gum, sweets and toothpaste due to its aroma. As it refreshes, it is also beautiful with poor concentration and drowsiness, as it cleans us and raises our attention. It is therefore a great analgesic, it works against inflammation and it is a good antiseptic.

• REPAIRING BATH: 1-2 drops in the base (sweet cream, honey, milk, soap) are a great addition to the bath that will calm us and refresh us. On our bath, it works really whole, both aromatic and topical.
• HEADING: 3-4 drops in the diffuser for 20-30 min. Some calm the headaches.

• MUSCOLAR AND BONES PAIN, numbed shoulder, REVITALISM, heavier movable joints, CRAMPS, HYPERTENSION: 1 drop of base oil is a magnificent massage oil for the calming and heating of diseased muscles and joints and numbness of the shoulder, arm and leg.
• ARTRITIS, bone linings, painful bones, damaged skin: experience shows that it helps to soothe pain in arthritis, helps restore cartilage, reduces bone lining. Mixed with base oil, it is gently massaged in diseased places.
• PROBLEMATIC SKIN, dermatitis, acne: we can make a shorter slide with the addition of a drop or two into our daily, night cream.
• DRANDRUFF: just like Tea Tree, it works well for dandruff problems. Shorter cure can be made by adding a drop to the current consumption of the shampoo.
• Some of them can get the help of BLADDER INFIAMMATION, which can be used for the treatment of lymphatic system, cystitis, guides, edema, for the reduction of fever, in pins and lumps, for the CLEANING of the lymphatic system, at the Early Age,

• Wintergreen is not recommended for internal use. We keep it out of reach of children, because it smells like candy. The latter is also packed with a special closure.
• It is not used during pregnancy, even in the case of epilepsy.
• I particularly recommend an allergy test (possible allergies to methyl salicylate).

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