CHANGE ONE LIFE AT A TIME – Mila Andretich team mission

The project is dedicated to all the people who need it, or to people who live in a difficult situation and who want to redeem themselves in their lives and to people who want to improve their condition in order to be able to be part of large-scale humanitarian projects and help make a difference in this world, first in their own life and then in other ones.

For now we can operate in these countries:

North America: United States, Canada, Mexico

Central America: Costa Rica, Guatemala

South America: Colombia, Ecuador

Greate China: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

Asia: Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore

Europe: Andora, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Replublic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lativa, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

The whole program is based on improving the person in her entirety, putting her in the condition to take care of different aspects of her life:

  • starting from her health,
  • to continue with her psycho-physical well-being
  • and with the cultivation of the positive power of her mind,
  • up to free training in this regard to be part of a form of global economy different from the traditional one, that is, above and without any influence of governments and economic banks.

All phases of the project are based on natural techniques and conscious and ethical use of technology, which never involve harming any living species, on products not tested on animals and of natural derivation, far from the philosophy of pharmaceutical companies and above of political or religious ideologies.

Phase 1

We teach to take care of the body and soul.

To do this, I chose a company that produces ethical, natural products, the same production of which, while it takes place, helps groups of needy people all over the world. Then during use, it allows those who use them to keep away from synthetic drugs and traditional medicine which, to treat a symptom of a disease, makes you sick of other more serious diseases. The products chosen allow you to act on the body and emotions, allowing you to achieve and maintain balance.

The company is already operating in the countries listed above, works with a fair and solid network marketing system, produces products in the same place where raw materials are collected from nature, giving work to local people and simultaneously taking care of the education of the families and their children to improve the ‘community’ possibilities of which they are part.

Their essential oils, from which many derivatives are also produced, are certified as pure and therapeutic, without the addition of any synthesis and never cut with other substances.

It is DoTerra, which, as the name implies, collect and teach us how to use the gifts of the Earth by respecting and protecting it.

Phase 2

We teach to cultivate psychophysical well-being.

A healthy mind exists in a healthy body. Physical activity, practiced daily at any level, brings benefits and allows us to remain active, vital and strong.

This second phase presents the subscription to a 3-part program that allows everyone to develop: physical strength, endurance and flexibility, the whole is structured so as to use only one’s own body weight and supports that nature itself It provides.

We use a specific program online low cost, simple:

√ No equipment? No problem!
√ New to exercise? You’re at the right place!
√ Access daily, custom workouts at our class or anywhere!

Here the link to JOIN

Phase 3

They teach to cultivate the positive power of the mind.

We do this through the guided practice of yoga, meditation and the teaching of Reiki.

We are review our Yoga and Meditation program for you, will be done soon!

Contact direct me to start your Reiki journey (for free for all members who join first 2 phases): info@milaandretichnaturalhealth.com

Phase 4

We teach and guide to join humanitarian projects, using the potential of a revolutionary economy, crypto investments and we build a community of good people, Pirates.

Share is take care of other's Well Being!

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