Hello Everybody!

My name is Mila Andretich and I love be fit and health, and you?

In short my story:
I have recently pass 42teen and I am a happy mom of 2 sons 14 and 4 years old… and one in arrive!

My life was a long way to come here where I am now and start really far away from this point! I have studied like Naval Architect and frequent an ambient when only money, success and social relation are considered important in life…I really felt I needed something else, something different and discover again how I am and desire to be in reality.
It was no simple…I can say it was really hard, cause, when you are deeply involved in a system, you are blind and difficultly you will see another way to live. But I was lucky and some circumstances allow me to find the right way!

Wish to be health, fit and find balance in my body and soul, let me start a long trip!

But in a moment I realize that something was missed. What? For a long time I really didn’t know! Perhaps more money, perhaps more friends, perhaps more social life,…nothing of these in particular, but simple… NEW ADVENTURES AND BIGGER POSSIBILITIES, but for reach them I need more MONEY of course. Question was: how to earn it? My business was good, but will never give me so much income! No way! I searched the answer for long time…
…I want to work with my passion: help people to be health and beauty in a natural way…
…then it was revealed: the only economical system that give this opportunity is Network Marketing, how? Allow me to feel myself helpful for others people and unlimited successful for myself! WOW!

Ok. But I love be it in natural way, for how it is possible, so for many years I have experimented, tried, searched for any kind of natural therapy can help to reach my goal.
I have to tell you that I fall many times, but I also identify what really works and can help!

DoTERRA Essential oils is my answer, my first choose today, cause I have always the best feedback and result with use them! I decide to share my experience and help other people like me to have the same positive experience in health and wealth, cause many people ask me about one or other advice regarding natural health and regarding my business.

Today you change your life, discover my Essential Oils world and become part of my team too!

Welcome to my website, and I hope you will find the better natural health solution for you and enjoy the opportunity to change and empower your life, working with me and help other people too.
I remain on your disposal for advices, consults and help!

Feel free to contact me:
@: info@milaandretichnaturalhealth.com
Phone/WhatsApp: +386 51 321125
Skype: milaandretich

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Share is take care of other's Well Being!

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