How destroy external and internal parasites with use of essential oils.

How destroy external and internal parasites with use of essential oils.

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A child who is knowledgeable, active, hardworking and in close contact with nature – read, taste the earth, pebbles and other attractions he finds on the ground 🙂 can open the outer and inner parasites. This is something completely normal that you won’t think your baby is dirty or any other nonsense! It’s like a virus, with the right approaches you can eliminate everything!

Lice, these tiny little animals that live happily on our heads, and we’re usually all panicked if we get them! We start to scratch merrily as we feel like everything is creeping up on us. However, it is very easy and natural to remove them!

Essential oils hair mask

1 dcl olive oil
15 drops of Geranium essential oils
15 drops of Cedar essential oils
15 drops of Tea tree essential oils
15 drops of Eucalyptus essential oils
5 drops of Frankincense essential oils

Massage well into the scalp and hair and leave for at least 15-30 minutes. Lice will happily float on the water and crawl down from their heads. It is important to comb the hair with a dense comb as the nails adhere very strongly to the hair. Repeat this process 2x for 6-7 days!

Homemade suppositories

Intestinal Parassites

Vaginal models (Sanolabor) or handmade ones
Ghee, Butter
you give a teaspoon of melted ghee or butter
1 drop of ZenGest essential oils
1 drop of On Guard essential oils
1 drop of Franchincense essential oils
1 drop of Copaiba essential oils

To do suppositories handmade, process is really simple: melts the ghee or the butter, let cold and add essential oils. Put into the freezer and, when it will be solidificate, cut in suppositories form.

Insert the suppository in the evening, repeat 4x. You will repeat the process in one week.

Extra natural help

You can also help yourself with a diet that contains a lot of garlic. Garlic drops can also be purchased. Papaya is a good thing in defense against parassites (you can buy fresh papaya), or take one capsule of Terrazyme enzymes (2-3 capsules for an adult). A teaspoon of papaya seeds, every day for a few days in a row, should bite well. Pumpkin seed oil also relieves the condition, but good hygiene is certainly important. It is best to make a boil of 1/3 pumpkin oil, 1/3 lemon juice and a few drops of Essential Oils lemon and 1/3 honey, mix well and 3 tbsp once a day.


Essential Oils – How to heal naturally

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