Why water is the best ally to reach you desired weight

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I’m Mila Andretich, the Natural Lifestyle Entrepreneur and in this post I will talk you about why water is the best ally to reach you desired weight!

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% of Water in your Body

Though the actual average percentages of water in the human body vary by gender, age, and weight, one thing is consistent: starting at birth, more than half of your body weight is composed of water.

The average percentage of body weight that is water will remain above 50 percent for most or all of your life, though it does decline over time.

The decreasing water percentage through the years is due in large part to having more body fat and less fat-free mass as you age. Fatty tissue contains less water than lean tissue, so your weight and body composition affect the percentage of water in your body.

About two-thirds of the body’s water is within the cells, while the remaining third is in extracellular fluid.

Why water is essential in the body

Water is essential in every system and function of the body, and has many responsibilities. For example, water:

  • is a building block of new cells and the key nutrient every cell relies on for survival
  • metabolizes and transports proteins and carbohydrates from the food you eat to nourish your body
  • helps the body flush waste, mainly through urine
  • helps maintain a healthy body temperature through sweat and respiration when the temperature rises
  • is part of the “shock absorber” system in the spine
  • protects sensitive tissue
  • is part of the fluid that surrounds and protects the brain and a baby in the womb
  • is the main ingredient in saliva
  • helps keep joints lubricated

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What happen if you don’t drink enough water?

Simple: your body will not work properly. Why? Continue to read:

  • You gain water weight! Skimping on drinking water can cause water retention and temporary weight gain. In fact when you’re not drinking enough water, your body holds every drop to prevent severe dehydration.
  • You have difficulty to focus! Your brain is made of 80 percent water, so its abilities and functions seriously depend on it. Drinking water can prevent memory and attention decline.
  • You get angry! Two studies from the University of Connecticut put men and women through a series of cognitive tests and found that even being mildly dehydrated affected their moods.
  • You feel without energy! In this case don’t drink a coffee but water instead. Because even slight dehydration can significantly drain your energy levels.
  • You feel hungrier! So you will eat more and gain weight. If you drink water and waiting 20 minutes before a meal is proved that you will eat 20% less.
  • Your workout performance is worse! Without enough water your body cannot efficiently convert carbs into energy . Your workout sessions will be less efficient and insufficient liquids in your body will also hold back the breakdown of fat.
  • Your metabolism slow down! After drinking approximately two tall glasses all water, metabolic rates increases by 30 percent. The researchers estimate that increasing water intake by 1.5 liters a day (about six cups) would burn an extra 17,400 calories over the course of the year!

Which water is best to drink to lose weight?

Well, this depends on where you live! In fact if you have good tap water, you have no reason to buy water bottles. But be always careful: control water composition before make your choice.

Many people struggle to know which type of water is the best because the market is full of so many different types. Each one claims to have some wildly impressive additional health benefits.

The healthiest type of water is technically hydrogen water because of the potential health benefits of the antioxidants it contains.

However, the truth is that even the healthiest type of water can only ever have minor health benefits. Hydrogen water and any other type of water on this list will not be able to repair an unhealthy diet or lifestyle.

The biggest health benefits from hydration come from drinking water itself regardless of what type of water it is. The truth is that any type of water is good for you so long as it is clean and free of impurities.

Tip: drink cold water is better for weight lose!

Drinking cold or iced water helps to lose weight more effectively than hot water. This is because the body adjusts its temperature immediately after it receives any fluids or nutrients, leading to a higher calorie burning rate.

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