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   My name is Mila Andretich and I’m happy that you visit me in this Reiki section of Choose New Life Project.
I’m specialised in Reiki treatments at distance.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing, stress reduction and relaxation. This is the most general and practical definition we can use! In reality Reiki is the Universal Energy we have all around us and inside us. We can use this energy when we desire, for what we need and improve our health and mood!
Reiki healing is one of the most simple way to be health, it was made with different reiki healing techniques.Benefits are lot and all of the life becomes more clear, healthy and light.
These are 100% natural treatments, complementary to traditional medicine.

Why you should try Reiki?

Because Reiki will take care of your entirely. Having a holistic approach to your life means considering you as a physical and emotional unit that cannot be studied or cured by artificially separating these two components. According to this conception, it is not correct to focus on the symptoms to repress them, but on the state of disharmony that caused them, taking into consideration the Whole Human Being: his physique, his emotions, his thoughts, his lifestyle.
Learning to listen to your body, knowing its limits and how it works is the first step towards achieving a dimension of conscious well-being.
Start taking care of yourself through my treatments and wellness programs, could be the first step of your new life and the solution for many issues you are living now.

Why choice a Reiki treatments at distance?

Because remote Reiki treatment is one of the most fascinating experiences you can have. Energy does not know the space-time limits and acts following a field that connects us all, at all times and in all places.
The results of a Reiki treatment at a distance compared to a basic treatment are similar if not greater, as the action is purely energetic, and the channel made up of the operator is even cleaner and more effective. Very often it acts on situations deeply rooted in the person, karmic bonds or ancient blocks. In other cases we go to work on the spiritual level, favouring or accelerating an already ongoing path of personal growth. With Reiki there will never be an intervention forced or guided by the will of the operator. Respecting yourself and others means letting only the Energy act by relying on the wisdom of life.
Not only can Reiki be done to a person distant in space, but also in time.
We open ourselves to the door of the Universal Energy where the linkage of cause and effect no longer exists, but everything exists simultaneously in the here and now.

How much will it cost?

60 EUR – 35% OFF 39 EUR for 1 hour treatment

How will Reiki treatment take place?

The ideal condition is to receive the treatment relaxed on your bed, or sofa, or sitting comfortably. As if I were lying on a massage table here in my studio. Any relaxing music can be added value to the experience. You can also find it on YouTube (search for 432 music, relaxation music, Zen music, sounds of nature, etc.).
Once started, the cell phone is no longer needed. Detach it or put it in silent mode. Close your eyes, breath 3 times deeply and relax. Focus on nothing, slide your thoughts, focus on your breath.
The treatment has the agreed duration (normally 50 minutes), plus preparation and closing, totally 1 hour.
The end of the treatment will NOT be reported to you, as you may be in a deep state of relaxation and it is good to continue enjoying those moments of peace
Once you have got up, or in the following hours, if you like please contact me by message or phone call to share the experience.

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